Dubai Goes Pink™ & Abu Dhabi Goes Pink™ - what are you doing in October?

Dubai Goes Pink™ 2014

Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2013 was truly an amazing month for Breast Cancer Arabia™ and Dubai Goes Pink™.

This year the month-long, city-wide event Dubai Goes Pink™ will start on Thursday 2nd October. Organised by Breast Cancer Arabia™ this event will be in its third year and has gone from strength to strength, not only attracting support from across the UAE and Middle East, but also from the UK and US.

The event has three main objectives:  

1.  Create awareness for the Breast Cancer Arabia™ website as being THE resource for providing true, medically-based awareness of breast cancer. It is only by arming women with the correct and full information that they can they have the best chance of surviving their breast cancer
2.  Create awareness of the Breast Cancer Arabia™ Foundation and the work it does helping to financially support women in the region diagnosed with breast cancer who are unable to afford their treatment costs
3.  Redress some of the current problems with delivering ‘awareness’ in the region. The message given to the community has to be a strong clear message, produced and backed up by qualified Breast Cancer Specialists

Breast Cancer Awareness should not only be about early detection; it should also be about the correct treatment, how to find the right doctors to treat breast cancer, the proper process of accessing any breast lumps, the limitations of BSE – breast self examination and should also help women understand their own personal risk of breast cancer. Correct breast cancer awareness should dispel some of the fear and myths about breast cancer and address some of the challenges that women who develop the disease will encounter.


Across the region there are many women who need access to life saving breast cancer surgery and treatment, however not all of them can afford it. Money raised by the event, Dubai Goes Pink™, goes to directly helping women (and their families) in the region.

All the medical information and patient education on and Breast Cancer Arabia™ Foundation sponsored surgeries, has been provided by, and is performed by a leading Breast Cancer Specialist from the UK. All of this gives women the best chance of surviving their breast cancer.


As a community we are responsible for investing in and caring for our society and the people within it. All businesses should recognise the contribution women make to the community; healthy women are more productive at work, male employees can focus better on their work if their wives and families are healthy and happy at home and customers appreciate a company that has a concern for public health.

Employers could encourage their female employees to be more proactive regarding their health and direct them to the Breast Cancer Arabia™ website for information about breast cancer. Alternatively if companies would like to arrange a breast health talk for their employees they can do so. Please note: There is a charge for these talks, (talks for schools are not charged) and there are limited speaking/presentation slots which get booked very quickly. No new bookings will be taken after October 10th 2014. To make a booking please complete the BOOKING REGISTRATION FORM. 


Get involved – support breast cancer patients

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